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Online Radio Player (TAMIL)

about us

About Christian Radio
Who Are We?

Christian Radio We consider ourselves as humble people who have a similar purpose in life, i.e., to spread the good news to the poor. Christian radio is an online Tamil Christian Fm that is mainly used to reach the unreached.

Why All This?

In this age, when technology and music are the two prominent factors that drive people, we want to use them to give glory to God. Every time you travel, you can find people having a pair of headphones stuck to their ears. At least 95% of them listen to music while traveling. On the other hand, there are others who are constantly connected to their phones, either chatting on Whatsapp or playing a game. What if we could make them spend their traveling hours wisely by helping them with our Tamil Christian songs? That’s why we chose to use online radio to spread the love of God.

What Is Our Goal?

Our goal is to reach the darkest areas of the world and spread the light of Christ. When we were in our darkest times, God reached out and pulled us out of it, shining His bright light on us. God is mindful of each one, and He is longing to spread His rays of hope to those who are lonely, hurt, lost, and helpless. We believe we are a part of His big plan, and it excites us to know that our Tamil Christian messages, songs, debates, etc. are a blessing to many.

What Are We Known for?

We do a number of programs that keep our listeners active and interested. We not only try to keep them entertained but also do our best to help them understand the Bible through our messages and Tamil Christian mp3.

Why Christian Radio?

There is not a soul that looks for love, comfort, joy, and peace. We cater to people who are longing to live a worthy life.

For Prayer REquest

Call: +91 9842237931 / +91 9894337931


Praise and Glory be to God !!
Dear bro Morris,
I am Nancy from Canada one of the regular listeners of CHRISTIANFM RADIO ONLINE.... recently
I greatly appreciate your work thro Christian radio.. The songs are very good and most of the time I feel the annointing when I hear the songs thro christian Radio.... Reallly a Good work brother.
Oneday I was in God's presence and was praying I heard this song " Thooya aaviyae Ippo vaarumae " ..
I would like to get the song brother.. and would like to hear again and again when i go to pray.... very good song to invite Holy spirit before praying....